Senior + Services

MEAL PLAN Meal Plan offers healthy meals in the community dining room and served family style. Each individual can customize their own meal plan according to their needs. Meals can be arranged to be delivered to the apartment under special circumstances.
ACTIVITIES Weekly and monthly activities are planned throughout the year. Holiday parties, coffee hour, art projects and book club are just a few. Our local library provides books and movies to be checked out twice a month.
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM Each apartment is equipped with an emergency pull cord in each bedroom and bathroom. In the event of a medical emergency, when the cord is pulled, hospital staff responds.
HOME HEALTH CARE This service may be contracted  through the Madelia Hospital which is conveniently connected to our complex. Optional community resources are also available.
I’M OK CHECK Daily check by staff to make sure our tenants are OK.
TAKE ME THERE BUS Our community offers the TMT bus service. The bus route allows you to be picked up and dropped off at the AmberField Place door.
GROCERY DELIVERY For a minimal charge, the local grocery store offers weekly grocery delivery.